Contact Lens Exams

See clearly with contact lenses 

Contact lenses have become a popular choice for vision correction. With proper care, contact lenses are safe and easy to use, and many consider them to be less of a hassle than wearing eyeglasses.

When you need contacts, come to us. You'll receive an eye exam that accurately measures your prescription. Once your prescription has been determined, let our optometrists fit you with the best contact lenses available.

Get leading brands at affordable prices

Our doctors will fit you with the best technology of contact lenses including Acuvue, Soflens, and Biofinity. We have daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly soft contacts. With the technologies of today, you can even replace your multifocal glasses with multifocal contacts.  You can be sure that you have the perfect pair by working with our experts, who will help you choose your lenses.

Call today to get started with an eye exam. Once you've had your exam, our professionals will provide you with a custom fitting and the contacts to best fit your needs.  Family Vision Care will ship your contacts at no charge to your home with the purchase of a one year supply.  

Contact Lens Exams